Welcome to Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC – the towing, repo, and parking enforcement specialists in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  We take car of car trouble from sorting the little daily glitches that bring you to a halt, right through to recovering non moving damaged autos, repossessing your property when a loan turns bad, and managing the parking of your lot, underground car park, shopping mall, or residential zone.   We're a proud part of the Fredericksburg business community and offer our services to residential and commercial customers alike.

About Us

Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC operates a full 24/7 roadside assistance, recovery, wrecking, and parking enforcement service for the  Fredericksburg community. We are professional and knowledgeable, friendly and courteous because we know it counts for a lot when things haven't gone to plan out there on the road.  Whether it's coming to the rescue of a family stuck by the roadside or recovering a vehicle that hasn't been paid for the way that our team manages the human side of the situation goes a long way to achieving the most satisfactory solution for all concerned.


Our Services

Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC offers a full range of accident management and parking enforcement solutions in  Fredericksburg VA. As a towing service we are there to recover vehicles after breakdowns and since we operate full wrecker trucks you can be sure that we can recover those vehicles regardless of the condition they are in.   We can winch you out if you accidentally come off the road, and we can do a full rollback to ensure a vehicle with damaged wheels is recovered safely and smoothly for transportation.  As a 24/7 roadside assistance service we are always on hand to help if you or your family get stuck with mechanical problems or simply run out of gas.  But we also run an impound and parking enforcement service to keep residential and commercial properties in  Fredericksburg running smoothly and safely as well as a repo service for when it's time to take your property back.  These are a few of our most called-upon services but don't hesitate to call us if there's something else you'd like us to take care of.

Black car is loaded on a yellow car tow truck on a city street
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Couple near tow-truck picking up broken car

Towing Service

Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC offers a full towing service throughout Fredericksburg and its surrounding areas so if you've suffered a breakdown and are stuck by the roadside call us now. Our team of helpful professionals is out there on the VA road network day and night ready to help you and get you and your motor safely back to base.

24 Hour
Wrecker Service

As a full wrecker service we can recover vehicles no matter what condition they are in.  If it's impossible or inadvisable to tow them conventionally due to damage or the fear or creating damage then Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC can safely recover that machine with the minimum of fuss and since we operate night and day we should be the first number to call especially if the vehicle is blocking the road or causing a potential hazard.

Tow truck towing a broken down car with focus on car being towed.
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Winch Outs & Rollback Service

Getting vehicles back on the tarmac after they've slipped off the road and lost traction can be a tricky art since there are often grades and obstacles to overcome in the process.  But Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC have long experience and rollback trucks required to skillfully winch vehicles back to safety even if they have suffered damage to wheels, axles, or drive train.

Impounds & Parking Enforcement

Unauthorized parking is at best a nuisance and at worst a safety hazard.  When your customers and residents can't use their parking bays you will start to lose money.  When non customers use your lot as a free parking zone you lose money. And when they start to block access for the fire department you have to move fast to restore order. Which is where Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC comes in. We are on hand to tow away unwanted vehicles day and night, every day of the year.

Emergency Roadside Assistance
JOLIET, ILLINOIS / UNITED STATES - MAY 24, 2016: A tow truck prepares to remove a disabled vehicle from the Wesmere Country Club subdivision of Joliet.
Selangor Malaysia - 07 August 2017: A car has broken down and being pulled up into the tow truck.

Vehicle Repossession

Nobody wants it to come to that but when a vehicle is collateral on a loan and the payments don't materialize you have to move fast to take back what's yours before the games start and the auto is passed around to keep it hidden.  That's why you need a professional repo team and at Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC we know just how to take back those autos first time and without hassle because we know that there often isn't a second opportunity.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Things go wrong.  They may not be huge problems but they're enough to interrupt your journey and if it's night time, or bad weather, or you're alone, or caring for small children then even a minor glitch that leaves you stuck at the side of the road can quickly turn into a drama.  Which is why you need our number to rest assured that if you're out of gas, or have a flat tire or battery, one of our trucks is speeding to your side right away.

“We have a regular contract with Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC to keep our Fredericksburg parking lot free of unauthorized or abandoned vehicles. We used to have a problem with non customers taking up all our spaces including the disabled ones but now just one call to Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC at any time and they make that problem simply disappear.” - Clay B.

“Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC are on speed dial on my phone because whatever the auto emergency, small, or large, I know they can deal with it and they'll be on their way the minute I place the call. ” - Josephine B.

“It wasn't a huge sum of money but I sold a used car to a guy who was due to pay in installments. The first check bounced and then he stopped answering the phone. So when a friend saw the car parked I put a call in to Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC and voila, got the auto back immediately. Recommended .” - John E.

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