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Auto Savers Towing and Recovery LLC - About

Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC is your professional, reliable, and affordable full recovery service in Fredericksburg, Virginia and its surrounding areas.  We provide what you need to get back on the road and up to speed when the road beneath your wheels throws up those unexpected bumps.  It's not just that we mechanically care for your vehicle – though we do that better than anyone – it's that we also take care of everybody concerned.  That means ensuring you and your family aren't left stuck by the curb or sheltering in a car in the dark not knowing where to go. It means ensuring we deal with local authorities where required in accident situations. It means satisfying insurance company guidelines on vehicle recovery and storage prior to assessment to maximize the chances of early payouts. Simply put we're the rescue and recovery service you want on your side when things don't go to plan.  One call to Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC and you know the cavalry is on the way.  Equally as part of the local business community we are there to ensure your business or residential premises aren't brought to a near standstill by unauthorized parking or blocked access points. We work within the law and with consummate professionalism to remove unwanted or abandoned vehicles and impound infringing ones in such a way that you, your business, or your residential organization are beyond reproach.  The hallmark of our professionalism is that we know your professional reputation can depend on it.