Fredericksburg Towing Service

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND -JANUARY 8 2018: Nam Jaruen Tow truck for emergency car move. Photo at road no 121 about 8 km from downtown Chiangmai, thailand.

Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC are your friendly full service towing company in Fredericksburg Virginia.  That means we're not just there for the bad things like breakdowns and accidents, but also for little things like just getting you going again when you have minor mechanical problems or just run out of gas.  We see our job as getting you back on the road as soon as possible and with the absolute minimum of fuss.  Our clients see us as a rescue service, not a towing service and the sight of our truck pulling up is the moment things start to get better when they were otherwise going wrong.

Local Knowledge

Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC knows Fredericksburg and all its byways and highways.  Even in these days of universal GPS services that kind of local knowledge is hugely important.  When you're out of gas we'll be there to bring you gas but more than that we can point you to the nearest gas station and if it happens to be dark, and you're caring for small kids, our drivers will be happy to lead the way. If you're off the road and need hauling out then local knowledge matters when it comes to a speedy response.  So in  Fredericksburg and its surrounds you only need one number; Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC.


It's important to know that your tow company is out there on the roads ready to help you whatever time of day or night, every single day of the year.  Come rain or snow, hell or high tide if you need winch outs, rollback, recovery, or roadside assistance Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC is on the way from the moment you place that call.  Which is what you want if you're stuck by the roadside, or it's your family that are out there and in need of assistance.

Get you Home

If your only experience of towing companies is the cowboy 'vulture' tow trucks waiting at accident black spots then we'd like to tell you a little more about how Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC operates.  We're a professional towing company dedicated to getting our customers home, no matter what the highway gremlins come up with.  That means that we offer immediate roadside fixes for those little problems like out of gas and flat tires or batteries, and if we can't fix it there and then well we're a full wrecker tow company so no matter what condition your vehicle is in we're going to get it and you back to where you need to be to sort it out.

Part of the Community

Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC is proud to be part of the community of Fredericksburg and that means that a lot of local companies, residential groups, and property managers rely on us to sort out their parking enforcement and keep their customer bays clear for customers and access points clear for the local authorities and fire department.