Winch Outs & Rollback Service

Auto towing

Most of our work is simple towing where we lift the wheels of the vehicle to be towed and pool it back to the pound, or the shop, or wherever it is supposed to be going next. Sometimes, however, there are towing needs that require special equipment and techniques as well as the experience, knowledge, and skills that those needs demand from the operator.  Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC have both the required equipment and the trained operators who can use them to recover vehicles even from serious crashes or unintended ventures into off roading. Because even 4 x 4s get stuck and need a little help from time to time.

Winch Outs

When a vehicle has left the road for whatever reason it takes a lot of skill to successfully get it back on the blacktop without doing any damage to its wheels, axles, or transmission.  We know how much your auto or truck means to you and so the last thing you want is to watch and wince while some cowboy hauls it out of the ditch while the metal screams for mercy.  No, you want the professional services of Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC who will ensure that our powerful winches are attached only to the right strong points and the winching is done with care and skill to ensure that your vehicle is recovered gently without any further indignity.

Grades and Obstacles

Just going off the road is often only the beginning of your problems.  Aside from any damage caused by jumping the curb it is often the case that cars needing winch outs have run into ditches or down the grade by the roadside or become entangled in anything from road barriers to fallen trees.  Recovering a vehicle up a grade or from an entanglement takes a lot of experience and know how which is why you want to be sure you have the professionals from Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC doing the job for you.

Accident Recovery

In the event of an accident the professionals at Auto Savers Towing & Recovery LLC know that as well as recovering your car there are a number of other factors. That includes getting it off the road if it is potentially a traffic hazard without further damaging it, including taking it to an agreed and secured pound for insurance purposes so it can be assessed prior to pay out.  Since insurance companies will be on the look out for any suggestion that damage was done to the vehicle subsequent to the accident it is essential to have this job done by professionals with the track record and the skill to perform a rollback recovery that leaves the vehicle untouched.


Rollback recovery is the process for recovering a vehicle that either can not be towed due to damage to wheels or drive train or else must be disturbed as little as possible so that it is untouched in terms of insurance assessment.  For rollback we have dedicated flatbed trucks which tilt and allow us to gently winch the vehicle onto the recovery truck before moving it.